How do I...

Managing domain name is easier if you know the meaning of technical terms for domain names and namespaces. Read our user guides to understand more and get answers to your questions.

Search for a domain name

Is the domain name you want available? Learn how to find out if a domain name is available or search for a registration record.

Transfer my domain

Find out how to transfer your domain name to another provider without disrupting your web services.

Get an authentication code (UDAI)

A UDAI is the key to your domain name. You need to protect your UDAI, and make sure that your provider does not share your UDAI with anyone else. Learn how to generate or request a UDAI for your domain name.

Apply privacy to your domain name

Learn how to protect your personal information in the .nz domain namespace. You can apply privacy to the visible data in your domain name registration.

Validate my details


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