How appeal works

If either party is not satisfied with the expert decision they are able to appeal this. Information on this process can be found below.

Appeals can be lodged in one of two ways.
1. Submit a Notice of intent to appeal

Along with a non-refundable deposit ($800 + GST) within 10 working days of the Expert's decision. This should be followed with the balance of the fees ($6,400 + GST) and the full appeal within a further 15 working days. The full appeal should be submitted with the details of the appeal and the balance of the fee without adding new evidence.

2. Submit a signed full appeal

And pay the full fee ($7,200 + GST). It should be sent within 10 working days of being advised of the Expert's decision. The document has a limit of 1000 words to explain your full reasons for appealing without adding new evidence. 

Additional Information about appeals

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